Learning ordinary lessons in extraordinary circumstances

A New Yes

Sometime during my two years in Barahona, a decidedly foreign place became home. Two weeks ago I left home. I smile when I think about the last two years. I remember the beginnings of my teaching when I couldn’t break up fighting 4th graders. And then first time I disciplined 4th graders like a Dominican—headsContinue reading “A New Yes”

A Wild Jungle

Wild—how I describe of being a Georgetown student and batey English teacher. I’m living an outrageous dream, what can feel like a jungle. Sometimes my eyes are too groggy to appreciate the wonder seeping through the leaves. “Y Alex?”, the driver asks my roommate as she hops in the truck bed. “No va,” Leidy responds,Continue reading “A Wild Jungle”

Whatever We Have

“I don’t want cake for my birthday, I want my mom to make Teacher Alex cookies!” Seven year old Yonatan made this gleeful, adamant declaration to his aunt, my dear friend. I had made and sent a bag of oatmeal cookies to his house, which are often requested and quickly devoured.  Leonarda, another aunt ofContinue reading “Whatever We Have”


As late summer wistfully sets into mild fall, two multitudes of winged visitors drift through the Barahona breeze. The first proves a plague: mosquitos. I lament the ever-present pest as a hallmark of a quaint Caribbean autumn. Group settings regularly degenerate into execution ceremonies: members suddenly smack one another in lethal pursuit of the irksomeContinue reading “Whimsy”

Island Insights

Recently, I was challenged to remember my first ambition.  I spend most summer afternoons at la villa, an outdoor recreation center flanked by luscious tropical mountains and sparkling seascapes. Here, my running is dainty, and my socializing is hearty. It’s a refreshing routine: nearly fifteen of us trot laps, lightly exercise, encourage the little onesContinue reading “Island Insights”

Four American Days

Who knew I needed to travel halfway around the COVID ridden world and back in four days for some fundamental reminders. It was a whirlwind—both awesomely and painfully stunning. Eagerly anticipating my trip home, I envisioned a vacation: poolside lazy days with a book, evening walks with my family, outings with my baby nephew, evenContinue reading “Four American Days”


I’m Alex, and I’m inviting you to traverse through reflective snapshots of my life. I love that God draws us out of the mugginess of insecurity, and into the freshness of sincerity as a celebration of his love (1 Cor. 5:8). It’s counterintuitive for me not to frame my failures and tedium in Candyland. But,Continue reading “Welcome!”

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